What do you base your buying decisions on, Hype or research?

The Easy Road To Becoming a Millionaire

(image by Mark Matcho)

Well to begin with I’m not going to sugar coat it and I’m not going to lie. I have bought 100s of products purely based on hype. There was a time in my online career that all I had to do was see a fancy ad full of hype and I would hit the buy button without hesitation. Then once I received the product and discovered it was full of empty promises, the thrill was gone and so was my money.  You know what I was searching for….. the ever elusive…….

THE Golden KeyAt that time I was a novice and it was hard to recognize honesty from outright lies. Being new to internet marketing I didn’t have enough knowledge to tell the difference between marketing fiction and marketing facts.  Almost everything being promoted promised me six figure returns or easy profits and I was eager to believe it.   Of course I was, like all humans, the easy road looked a lot more pleasant to me than the obvious truth.  All it took was for me to convince my subconscious that somewhere out there somebody was marketing that golden key to success.  Once I  accepted that myth there was no turning back. Instead of being rational and realizing the fact that some people are truly dishonest, especially after being let down dozens of times, I just kept buying products with the hope that the next purchase might actually contain that ever elusive….. golden key to riches.


It may have taken me a while but now I think differently, after being duped so many times by scammers, I won’t even read your ad if its too much hype involved.  If the Landing Page doesn’t give me an entire synopsis of the offer, I move on faster than you can hit the close button on a pop-up. Even if the product passes my initial screening I’ll still do my due diligence until I’ve discovered every pro and con that product has to offer . One of the first things I do now that I didn’t do before is to Google the offer.  If too many affiliates are selling it, and each one is offering 600 bonuses, I’ll skip right over it.  Do you want to know why? Because in all likely hood the affiliate’s selling your offer have never purchased it themselves.  So instead of selling a product they believe in they offer all these bonuses to obscure the fact that they have no idea what it does. Instead of buying into their bonus bribes, I check the RipOff report, the BBB and read all the reviews of the affiliate’s that don’t sell the product. Why? Because what I discovered was a lot of the reviews from their competitors will tell you exactly what’s wrong with their product, especially if it’s all hype.  The truth is ……

-Diligence is the mother of good luck-

so be diligent.


Sure it’s sad that you have to be this diligent just to figure out whether a person is being honest or not, but it’s necessary if you want to determine if the product is worth purchasing. Face it you have two choices, either be super diligent or continue to waste money buying totally useless junk.

Even trusted industry marketplaces like Warrior Forum have been bombarded by junk. Yes there are a lot of marketers promoting junk on Warrior forum, are you surprised?  I didn’t think so. The difference between Warrior Forum and most marketplaces is Warrior members are quick to tell it like it is. If your offer is over- hyped junk and you have the guts to put it in the Warrior forum marketplace then be prepared for the members to quickly point out that your offer is a scam.  In fact some of the members are so over diligent they may insist you provide evidence like , bank statements, sworn affidavits from your reviewers and even a note from your mom, before they purchase your offer. Then even after they purchase, if one of your claims doesn’t live up to the hype in your sales page or your support network is faulty, a forum member will  inform the entire world that you lied or that your product is totally useless.

So if you’re not being as diligent as a Warrior member then you have to ask yourself: Did I really do my due diligence or am just buying into the hype.