How to Boost Your Page Ranking With A Small Piece Of Code?


The most recent evolution in Search Engine Optimization is schema markup. Google has changed its algorithm so many times that trying to keep up has become irrelevant to a lot of marketers.  You can’t keep changing the way you do business and not begin to lose customers, which is why Google AdWords has lost so many customers.  Google may be the search engine God today, but I can assure you that there was another search engine God before Google and I’m almost positive there’s a new search engine God that will one day replace Google.  With that said, since Google, Bing and Yahoo are the major search providers, you would be smart to optimize your websites for what they’re looking for.   Right now they’re looking for sites that use schema markup/structured data. Continue reading “How to Boost Your Page Ranking With A Small Piece Of Code?” »

20 Blogs That Will Definitely Help Your Online Business


We’ve all heard that it takes about 10,000 hours of learning in order to be a profitable online marketer.  We may not want to believe it but on average the figure is about as accurate as you can get when covering all the possible avenues of online profitability.  There are ways however, that you can accelerate this learning curve by using a more focused approach.   If you want to learn about online marketing then it would make sense to follow only those influence’s that are experts in online marketing.

With this in mind I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 blogs that will definitely help your online business in 2016.

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How To Build Your Own Sales Funnel

For those of you who haven’t mustered up the courage to create your own funnel this video by Bredan Mace will show you step by step,  how to set up a funnel at no cost to you.  Without a funnel your chances of making money online are slim to none, so please take advantage of this video training to build a cost free funnel of your own.