The 4 Google myths that can hurt your SEO!

Fotor0607202156Google has always provided information to it’s users about how to effectively rank their pages, but the problem is, some of this information is completely false. The real fact is that Google may pretend that their algorithm is designed to provide a better user experience but it’s all a facade. The real goal of Google is to kill as many mom and pop operations like yours so their corporate clients can get the top listings, after all they are in business to make money. With that said: Let’s look at the 4 major myths that Google uses to discourage your participation.

Myth # 1: You should optimizing for clicks in your meta titles not for targeted keywords.
In other words instead of you lacing your titles with keywords you should become more descriptive and provide information that entices the user to click. Does it work? Sure, but test after test has already proven it’s still 300% more effective to use targeted keywords in your titles to get faster page ranking.

Myth # 2: Exact match Domains no longer work.
This particular fable is a conspiracy of epic proportions. In fact every SEO firm in existence will tell you the total opposite. In 99% of the test cases where exact domain names were used and optimized, page one ranking was achieved. So why then would Google provide this false information? Why do you think?  M-O-N-E-Y

Myth # 3: You get penalized for buying links.
This particular myth is what’s keeping most of you from achieving page one ranking. I’m not saying you should spam your sites with a bunch useless backlinks from Fiverr, although they will initially work. What I am saying is almost 90% of those who achieve page one rankings in a short period of time are using paid backlinks. How do they do it? They purchase thousands of links and have them trickled to their site over a specific period of time then they put them through a link indexer to index 500 or so each day. Does it work? Like a charm! But they don’t buy them from Fiverr.  Try Here ! 

Myth # 4: Your should optimize your pages with multiple keywords instead of just one.
They say when you are facing multiple variations on target keywords, you shouldn’t create individual pages for those keywords but you should put them into one. However, the people who actually make money doing SEO say something entirely opposite. You certainly don’t want individually optimized pages for every conceivable keyword variation you can think of, but if you want to rank a certain keyword or keyword phrase, you must have a page optimized with that keyword.

So there you go, 4 myths busted.

Why does Google perpetrate these myths? I’m not sure, but I have a good guess. Perhaps this article will enlighten you. How 16 Companies are Dominating the World’s Google Search Results.

If you really want to stay ahead of the Google madness here are two sites that I recommend you subscribe to. These two provide valuable information that would otherwise cost you a lot money but they provide it absolutely free.

Now go beat the pants off of Google!

Do you Really Have to Establish Trust In Your Emails To Convert Prospects?


The broad consensus of online marketing Guru’s is that you need to establish trust with your prospects before you attempt to sell them anything. I need only to look at my inbox to see that this isn’t necessarily true.  Why?  Because the same Guru’s that aspire to this philosophy don’t actually practice what they preach. In most cases as soon as you sign up for their incentives you’re bombarded with email offers none of which have any value.
The truth of the matter is they actually believe the product their trying to sell you is valuable to your success. Albeit, most of the offers are just Clickbank products with high gravity, which simply means the products are converting well, they don’t actually provide value to anyone but the seller.

So why then are the Guru’s constantly reinforcing the VALUE myth when the majority of them don’t provide any. It’s simple, they don’t want you to know the truth! The truth is it’s a numbers game. Since most emails are immediately scanned and deleted by the recipients the majority of your emails are never read. The Guru’s figured this out long ago and came up with a stellar solution. The solution was to send out many emails everyday all with different subject lines and through the saturation of your inbox you will eventually open one.
Does it work? Yes.

It provides little value but it has increased many marketers income by ten fold. Sure they receive complaints and some folks even unsubscribe, but this method has actually turned many prospects into buyers. Of course not all marketers use these methods of over saturation. Those who are trying to become an authority in their niche do actually provide value and a lot of it, but those who are entirely into marketing for profit don’t really know what value is.
So if your goal is simply to make money and not to establish yourself as an authority then forget what the Guru’s say, after all their philosophy seems to be “Do what I say, Not what I do”. Don’t believe it? Open your email account and check to see how many value emails they’ve sent you.

How to Boost Your Page Ranking With A Small Piece Of Code?


The most recent evolution in Search Engine Optimization is schema markup. Google has changed its algorithm so many times that trying to keep up has become irrelevant to a lot of marketers.  You can’t keep changing the way you do business and not begin to lose customers, which is why Google AdWords has lost so many customers.  Google may be the search engine God today, but I can assure you that there was another search engine God before Google and I’m almost positive there’s a new search engine God that will one day replace Google.  With that said, since Google, Bing and Yahoo are the major search providers, you would be smart to optimize your websites for what they’re looking for.   Right now they’re looking for sites that use schema markup/structured data. Continue reading “How to Boost Your Page Ranking With A Small Piece Of Code?” »