Should bloggers pursue Joint ventures to increase their Authority?

I belong to so many forums that I literally had to obtain software to help me monitor the conversations. Now you may be curios as to why I joined so many forums, it’s not for the same reason most people do. I joined these forums looking for opportunities to find partners for joint ventures.
It was my intention to find members with similar interest to team up with to not only increase my profits and limit my risk but also to create mutually beneficial partnerships with other bloggers. Creating these partnerships increases my blogs visibility through sharing, gives me killer back links and an instant team for profitable campaigns.
A lot of bloggers have this misconception that creating Joint Ventures only involve the development and sale of a product but that’s just one of the facets of these partnerships.

Joint venture’s can actually help your business grow faster, bigger and generate greater profits than you could ever do alone. Choose the right partners for your plan and it should easily benefit you both.  Both of you will instantly have access to new markets and customers, different but complimentary skill sets, and a ready made team.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About Blogging…


Bloggers should not believe these blogging myths.  20 Blogging Myths That Will Make Your Blog Worse

Are you overwhelmed with all the blogging advice you find on the Internet?

Blogs have been rated as the fifth most trusted source for accurate online information. (Source: HubSpot)


However, what if blog posts tell you different advice? How do you know which articles to believe?

Conversely, bloggers also complain that blogging tips articles say the same thing, but the tips don’t work. What should you do?

The answer: Base your decision on tested methods. These include case studies and tips based on research.

The twenty “tips” in this article are myths.

This post will present these falsehoods and explain why they are blogging myths you should ignore.  Continue Reading……



Do You Use Plugins to Automate your Blog?


I don’t know about the rest of you, but before I used WordPress to build my websites it took me weeks and sometimes months before I got it right. As if building the plain site wasn’t hard enough I also had to build Landing Pages, Pop-ups, ad code for email integration, upload files to my index using an FTP file manager.  I didn’t want to work this hard so I started looking for ways to use WordPress and Plug-in Automation.


Building websites the traditional way was the most horrible and time consuming process I had ever experienced.  But then I heard of WordPress plugins and how I could use them to create a blog and my life and dreams had finally been rescued from countless hours of frustration. Because of WordPress plugins I had finally achieved the end product that I desired, or did I?
Now that I could basically build a blog in a day instead of spending a week trying to figure out how to place a pop-up on my website, life was like a dream. That wasn’t even the best part, once I discovered that WordPress had plugins that basically did the heavy lifting for me I started feeling like a professional six figure blogger, and I hadn’t even published an article yet. Read More